Breaker Bars GLASS BREAKER 6″ Zinc Mallet with plated jack chain. Washer cap fastener holds chain secure. When ordering, ask for Part Number #650020.
Fire Blanket Cabinet FIRE BLANKET CABINET This is a neat appearing wall hung, 22 ga. metal cabinet, dimensions are 16″ X 13″ X 5-1/4″, it’s painted a bright red, with white silk screen lettering. Inspection slots in the cabinet allow for the fire inspector to see if the blanket is in place. When ordering, ask for Part #601.
Fire Extinguisher Lettering LETTERING
Description Part Number
15.5″ Red Vertical 200193
15.5″ Black Vertical 200594
20.5″ Red Vertical 200575
20.5″ Black Vertical 200686
20.5″ White Vertical 200136
Red Horizontal 200599
Black Horizontal 200600
White Horizontal 200135
Red Vertical “Mirror Image” 200672
White Vertical “Mirror Image” 200672


For AED and Fire Products

AED Alarm System Features:

  • Alarm volume (85-120 db)
  • Alarm settings (4 different settings)
  • Mechanical door switch
  • External alarm connection
  • Low battery chirp
Standard Features:

  • Key Switch
  • Mechanical switch
  • External Alarm Relay Wiring
  • Choice of alarm activation options

  • Standby
  • Full operation
  • Changing Battery
Alarm Activation Settings:

  • Alarm activates when door is opened, shuts off when door is closed.
  • Alarm activates when door is opened, shuts off with key only.
  • Activates for 30 seconds when door is opened.
  • Activates for 3 minutes when door is opened.
Optional Accessories:

  • Strobe
Fire Extinguisher with Alarm This multi tasking MMP alarm sounds when door is opened alerting you to unauthorized entry or use of fire-fighting equipment. One of the many features that makes this alarm so unique is that it comes equipped with an external relay connection on the outside of the alarm case for easy connection to an external building security monitoring system.
  • High decibel level of 85-120 db.
  • Designed for “Tool Free” installation.
  • Connections for External Building Security Monitoring System as a standard “No Extra Cost” feature.
  • All connections accessories feature “Plug & Play” connectors for ease of Alarm has the option switches on outside of alarm case for easy setting of four different activation / deactivation settings.
  • Low battery alert.